Igor Eidman – Russian cyber attacks on German Bundestag

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Recently another article by Igor Eidman on the danger of Russian cyber attacks during the election period in Germany has been published in the NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG.

Igor Eidman, cousin of the murdered opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, is author of the socio-political book THE PUTIN SYSTEM (Heyne, Germany) presenting the regime in Russia as the pioneer and leader of a new far-right conservative movement. Thanks to his experience in working in elevated Russian political circles Eidman has important insider information allowing him to precisely describe how Putin tries to influence the public opinion in western countries in order to destabilise the political status quo, how he supports far-right organisations throughout the world and how Moscow has become the command centre for a neo-conservative revolution.

Zakhar Prilepin – The Cloister

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Zakhar Prilepin’s award winning contemporary novel OBITEL – THE CLOISTER about the historical Solovki is an allegory for the whole of Russia has been published by VOLAND Italy.

The monastery founded in the 15th century on an archipelago in the White Sea had always served as a prison as well and from 1923 was a so-called “special purpose” camp forming the foundation stone of the Soviet GULAG system. Its uniqueness saw it declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

Sergei Loiko – The Flight

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The Agency proudly announces the representation of a new author: SERGEI LOIKO with his outstanding thriller THE FLIGHT, inspired by true events, extensive research and war reporting of the former prize-winning Moscow Los Angeles Times correspondent.

Sergei Alyokhin, a former corrupt Russian cop hiding under a false identity in L.A., believes that he has covered his track sufficiently and invites his wife and daughters, living under false identities in London, to join him for the desired and long awaited family reunion at a luxurious island resort in Thailand. Their flight London-Bangkok perishes with 298 people on board over eastern Ukraine. Alyokhin wants to find the culprits and take his personal revenge not only on the perpetrators but also on those who ordered the heinous crime.

Born in Moscow in 1953 Loiko had been the Moscow correspondent and photographer for the Los Angeles Times for the past twenty-five years, specializing in wars and armed conflicts. Loiko covered the Ukrainian revolution and the subsequent war virtually nonstop from the first day until 2015.

He was awarded one of the highest prizes in American journalism, the Overseas Press Club’s Bob Considine Award, “for its guts, credibility, originality, depth and sophistication of interpretation, and its engaging writing style”, and also the prestigious Los Angeles Times editorial award.

The rights of his previous documentary novel AIRPORT had been sold to 9 countries.

Eduard Kochergin – Christened with Crosses

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Eduard Kochergin’s true story about the flight of a young boy from an orphanage in the Ural mountains back home to Leningrad to find his mother again. CHRISTENED WITH CROSSES are the memoirs of an old man who, as a boy, learnt to find his way between extortionate state control and marauding banditry, the two poles that characterise Russia to this day.

The last 2 out of 7 foreign language editions have been published recently by IDIOOTTI Finland and NOIR SUR BLANC Poland.

Zaza Burchuladze – in Der Spiegel

  new canon of literature

In the recent edition of DER SPIEGEL the Georgian author Zaza Burchuladze is seen as one of the writers in exile in Germany who are contributing to a new canon of literature.

«The explosive books of our time are about migration and exile…» (Volker Weidermann)

Valery Bochkov – political thriller

  new representation

Wiedling Literary Agency is happy to announce the representation of a new author: Valery Bochkov, a Russian artist living in the US.
His first attempts in literature were decorated with the Russian Award 2013, encouraging him to continue his career as an author.

For a long time worldwide readers have been waiting for a contemporary Russian thriller like this:
classic American high-tension meets classic Russian intellectual prose.

Predicting the unpredictable with great insight, Bochkov’s trilogy about the assassination of the President is revealing a straight-forward view of nowadays Russia.

A breath-taking page turner with the plot precisely organized with dynamic pace and action.

Aleksandr Grigorenko – Mebet

  new publication

Grigorenko’s novel about the mythological hero «MEBET»  and his adventures in the Taiga of the far Russian North has been published in Bulgarian translation.

Grigori Kanovich – Devilspel

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The novel «Die Freuden des Teufels» (Devilspel) by G. Kanovich, translated into German by Franziska Zwerg and recently published by Corso Verlag, has been presented at Leipzig Book Fair.

«This book is strong.» Karl-Markus Gauss.

Grigori Kanovich

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World English rights for Grigori Kanovich’s novel «Shtetl Romance» have been sold to Noir Press UK.

A marvellous family novel, and a wise and moving piece of literature about the Jewish life in the lost Eastern European Shtetl.

“Kanovich makes us feel and see a world, that has long disappeared.“ – FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG