Ekaterinburg – Roman Senchin

   from Krasnoyarsk to Ekaterinburg

From Krasnoyarsk traveling on the Transsiberian Railway to Ekaterinburg, I was kind of following the tracks of Roman Senchin. Originally from the Krasnoyarsk region Senchin, after having spent years in Moscow, moved to Ekaterinburg not so long ago where I met him now. As a present I brought him smoked Taimen from the Krasnoyarsk fish market which we shared and enjoyed with Vodka together with other Ekaterinburg intellectuals at the House of Writers (photo).

The first novel that made him famous also abroad was MINUS (after the Siberian town Minusinsk, Krasnoyarsk region). In his latest novel RAIN IN PARIS the hero in his midlife crisis finally decides to visit Paris, the city of his dreams. But being there he hardly leaves his hotel room getting stuck in memories about his past life far back home in Siberia.

KRYAKK 2 – Aleksandr Grigorenko

   stories from Siberia

Aleksandr Grigorenko has spent practically his whole life in the depths of Siberia. He lives near Krasnoyarsk working as a journalist. Today he gave me a tour in and around Krasnoyarsk – with lots of stories behind it.

In both his novels MEBET and ILGET the author is asking the old questions about existence, happiness and the loneliness of man. His modern magical realism with versatile heroes who challenge their destiny, are based on the rituals of the Nenets and Evenks people of the far north of Krasnoyarsk region, and the mystical beliefs which shape their daily lives.

KRYAKK – Krasnoyarsk Book Fair 2018

   Wiedling Literary Agency goes Siberia

For the first time – finally – I visited the famous KRYAKK (Krasnoyarskaya Yarmarka Kniznoi Kultury) where I took this photo on the official opening. This book fair was initiated and is mainly sponsored by the Prokhorov foundation, so it was of course Irina Prokhorova welcoming all guests. 5 days full of interesting events, discussions, readings for an enthusiastic Siberian audience.

Soon more to follow from Siberia. Yours Thomas Wiedling

Olga Slavnikova – Awards for new novel THE JUMP


The new novel THE JUMP by Olga Slavnikova has greatest response among Russian award Jurys in 2018:

Big Book Award shortlist (winner will be announced Dec 4)
Yasnaya Polyana Award
Book of the Year (Moscow International Book Fair)
National Bestseller Award shortlist

Neither idyllic nor tragic, the novel has no contradicting truth and lies, but instead illustrates the clash of many different truths meeting on the solid ground of harsh reality in nowadays Russia.

Natalia Sherba – Time Wizards

   new representation

We are very excited about a new author with several series in the agency’s fantasy portfolio for young adult readers:  Natalia Sherba.

Her most famous series is TIME WIZARDS with over 2 Mio hardcover sold in Russia alone and the movie option sold.

Sherba creates a completely new world, invents its mechanis and gets away from all the clichés and stereotypes. The world of TIME WIZARDS is full of creatures, magic castles, spells… Apart from a breathtaking plot line, her books bear a very specific moral charge for a younger audience. And with authentically thrilling martial arts scenes, the author herself having long been engaged in Wushu (martial arts), successfully performing at the competitions on all-round external styles with long fist, pole, short sword and straight sword.


Jan Valetov – Best Age to Die

   new representation

Jan Valetov has seven books published, some as multi-volume series, of which several have achieved bestseller status and been awarded prizes. One of his books has been adapted forRussian television. A movie option has been sold for BEST AGE TO DIE.

A virus has escaped from a military laboratory and has quickly swept through the globalized world before the antiviral drug was available. The virus was developed for use in war to incapacitate all enemy soldiers. Within a few weeks everyone over the age of 18 begins to age rapidly and dies. All adults in the world are wiped out. The inexperienced children and adolescents fight a pointless and bloody battle for briefsurvival. They quickly learn how to kill, but learning how to love does not seem to be worth the effort anymore.

New Adult 17+