Zaza Burchuladze – in Der Spiegel

  new canon of literature

In the recent edition of DER SPIEGEL the Georgian author Zaza Burchuladze is seen as one of the writers in exile in Germany who are contributing to a new canon of literature.

«The explosive books of our time are about migration and exile…» (Volker Weidermann)

Valery Bochkov – political thriller

  new representation

Wiedling Literary Agency is happy to announce the representation of a new author: Valery Bochkov, a Russian artist living in the US.
His first attempts in literature were decorated with the Russian Award 2013, encouraging him to continue his career as an author.

For a long time worldwide readers have been waiting for a contemporary Russian thriller like this:
classic American high-tension meets classic Russian intellectual prose.

Predicting the unpredictable with great insight, Bochkov’s trilogy about the assassination of the President is revealing a straight-forward view of nowadays Russia.

A breath-taking page turner with the plot precisely organized with dynamic pace and action.