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Olga Gromova – Sugar Child

new publication

German translation published by Aufbau

What is it like to be a „public enemy“ from one day to the next, to be exposed to Stalin‘s repressions – the Great Terror? Stella Nudolskaja experienced it with her parents in the Soviet Union of the 1930s.

Decades later Olga Gromova, active librarian and editor-in-chief of specialized journal, meets her neighbour, Stella, who gradually tells her her personal story. Olga Gromova turned it into a strong and tender book, in which the reader accompanies the girl through all her impassable life.

A story which was originally aimed at 12-16 year old readers, is now no longer perceived as „young adult“, but has become part of the great Russian literature.

“Sugar Child is the documentary fact of a miracle – the education of a human personality under inhuman conditions.“ Sergei Lebedev

SUGAR CHILD by Olga Gromova comes with a preface by Lyudmila Ulitskaya.

Aleksandr Grigorenko – Ilget

new publication

Bulgarian language edition published by Labyrinth

After the Bulgarian success of Aleksandr Grigorenko’s first novel MEBET which made him famous, the Bulgarian publisher brings out ILGET which is not a sequel but follows a similar setting.

„Braving the commercially suicidal subject of „northern ethnicity“ for a second time and even though he uses the same material, Grigorenko successfully manages to produce a completely new novel that in no way resembles MEBET. And which has a moral message.“ GALINA YUZEFOVICH


Evgeni Grishkovets – The Shirt

refresher license

for Norvegian translation published by Cappelendamm

Evgeni Grishkovets‚ novel THE SHIRT is the story of a little man in a big city, and the tale of a day in the life of a shirt that is put on in the morning and taken off at night.

In the meanwhile Grishkovets has established for himself the genre of personal literary essay, sharing his ironic Russian American dream in A…A and promoting ironically proud that VODKA IS MUCH BIGGER. English samples available.

Ivan Bunin – Dark Avenues

new sale

Estonian language rights sold to Postimehe Kirjastus

Postimehe will translate and publish the famous collection of short stories DARK ALLEYS by Ivan Bunin.

Due to historical circumstances during and also after the Cold War, only recently the successors of Bunin’s relatives and rightful heirs could be traced completely and thus The Bunin Estate has now been legally reconstituted. Wiedling Literary Agency is representing all works by Ivan Bunin worldwide with the exception of Russia and France.

The first russian Nobel Prize winner for literature has a come back because Russian readers feel that a next heavy political turning point will hit Russian society between 2021-24 which is hundred years after Bunin’s view on the Revolution of 1917.

Aleksei Ivanov – Le Dernier Afghan

new publication

French language edition published by Payot Rivage

Aleksei Ivanov’s novel with the original title NENASTYE uses a thriller plot to describe the developement of Russian society from the 90ies into the early 2010s. Ex-Af- ghanistan combats form a first mafia group that still obeys rules of comradeship and „honesty“ and brings kind of stability to a provincial town. But slowly they are pushed aside by other mendacious and „dishonest“ guys who are seeking their private financial profit only. A late revenge of one of the old „honest“ guys brings the situation to escalation.

Mikhail Vizel – Pushkin in Quarantine

new sale

Croatian language rights have been sold to Sandorf

Cholera is raging in Russia and parts of the country are in lockdown. The Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, already famous at the time, is stuck in Boldino for three months. The planned wedding with his fiancée Natalia Goncharova has to be postponed. He tries twice in vain to get to her in Moscow. Pushkin is worried. And with jealousy that the bride might jump off him. He is furious because, despite bribing the police, he is unable to bypass the roadblocks to Moscow.

Mikhail Vizel in his book PUSHKIN.BOLDINO.QUARANTINE reconstructs the exciting chronology of the Boldino autumn in a witty, amusing and analytically accurate way. Commenting letters from Pushkin to his bride, we are introduced to his love affair, which has to pass an extraordinary stress test during lockdown. We can not only chronologically follow Pushkin‘s passionate ups and downs during quarantine, but finally experience them with compassion based on our own Covid experience.

Vladimir Sharov – Be as Children

new publication

English language edition published by Dedalus Books/ UK

Translated again by awarded translator Oliver Ready this edition is already the third work by Vladimir Sharov published by Dedalus, but sadly the first posthumous one.

Natalia Sherba – Time Wizards

new sale

Volume 4-6 of the young adult fantasy series have been sold to Európa Könyvkiadó

After the successful introduction of of Natalia Sherba’s young adult fantasy series TIME WIZARDS to Hungarian readers the publisher has acquired rights for the remaining volumes.

„I am sure that thousands of boys and girls will follow her, breahtless with delight.“ SERGEY LUKYANENKO

„In her outstanding magical story about Vasilisa, she manages to create a completely new, fascinating and original fantasy for children.“ ALEKSEI PEKHOV

„Natalia Sherba’s energy and passion have completely transferred to the text. The rich imagination and lively immediacy of the author is a definite plus for this kind of fantasy.“ H.L. OLDIE