Max Maximov – Gate to Heaven

new representation

sci-fi and the morality of algorithms

The agency is proud to present MAX MAXIMOV, the new star of Russian science fiction delivered in the best tradition of the Strugatski brothers. After a long predominance of purely entertaining genre literature such as fantasy, horror or post-apocalypse, in Russia his books are seen as an original revival of philosophical science fiction. They are also timely parables exploring guilt and innocence, hell and paradise, life and spirit, nothingness and the morality of algorithms.

5 novels so far, 3 available in full English:
GATE TO HEAVEN – an innocent girl and a care robot in a novel about consciousness, the soul and AI
TO MARS! – simulacra and theories about space and time; in the spirit of „Atlas Shrugged“ by Ayn Rand
GOOD MAN – a hero with Down’s syndrome in a novel about the two faces of good and evil and the one-dimensionality of our view on the world

«It’s a synthesis of fiction, an attack on post-modernism and the energy of experiment.»
LIVELIB Reviewer

Maximov has 3.14m YouTube followers and 100,000 downloads of his novels per year.

Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina – Uranium

new representation


The agency is proud to represent Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina, renowned author and multiple award winning screenwriter, with her recent novel: URANIUM.

1953, year of Stalin’s death. Soviet Estonia. The secret site, Combinat No. 7, is intended to ensure the uninterrupted supply of uranium for the Soviet nuclear project. A number of mysterious deaths suddenly puts everything in a different light. The external investigator sent from Leningrad encounters communist leaders engaging in cult and religious-orthodox occult practices, hypnosis and manipulation, sex and violence. The murders are brutal clues to who is really related to whom and how.

Like an exciting Netflix series, the plot of this historical novel, which is also a spy thriller, is told horizontally from the different perspectives. The novel is based on the memories of residents of the closed city of Sillamäe, as well as documentary materials and some reports cited in original from recently released CIA archives.

“Nothing less than the exciting experience of fully immersing yourself into history, its reconstruction illuminating the mentalities of the time, but also trying to understand many of the central contradictions of that time.“ LITERATURNAYA GAZETA

Anna Matveeva – The Dyatlov Pass


new publication

Polish edition published by Kobiece

This is the fifth edition in a foreign language of Anna Matveeva’s novel THE DYATLOV PASS, dedicated to the true story of a group of young students who died under mysterious circumstances as ski tourists on the Dyatlov Pass in the northern Ural mountains in 1959.

Foreign languages so far: Chinese, Czech, French, Latvian, Polish

Aleksandr Fuflygin – God’s Plan

new representation

God’s Plan. Interpretation of the Truth.

With this new title Wiedling Literary Agency is broadening its range of BODY, MIND & SPIRIT towards the topic of world religions. Aleksandr Fuflygin is another representative of those Russian thinkers whose creativity as free spirits is fed precisely by the fact that they remain rooted in their own tradition.

The task that the author has set himself in his book GOD’S PLAN is a bold one: to provide a reading with which all the mysteries of the Bible can be solved in a comprehensible way. Moreover, his attempt to prove that the Bible formulates a consistent plan of God should not contradict the latest scientific findings. There are no ‘blank spots’ in his interpretation of the Bible.

Fuflygin’s description of one single great plan of God, which in the end even seems to coincide with the wisdom of Buddhism, contributes to a reconciliation of the world religions as well as to a reconciliation of faith and science.

Oleg Zaionchkovski – Happiness is Possible

new publication

Spanish edition published by meettok

““Artlessness is the defining aspect of Zaionchkovsky’s diction: the absolute harmony of style and dramatic development seems to be entirely natural, it “happens” to the author in the same way as various events constantly happen to his character.“


Grigori Kanovich – Devilspel

new award

DEVILSPEL in English translation has won the EBRD Literature Prize

Congratulations to author and translator!
Grigori Kanovich’s novel DEVILSPEL is the winner of the 2020 EBRD Literature Prize by the London-based European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the EBRD).

«Devilspel is a moving and elegant novel of fine character portraits, told in restrained but beautiful prose, set in a small town in Lithuania at a watershed moment of history, when ethnic cleansing and the Holocaust enter the lives of the local Jews and non-Jews alike, dividing neighbours and families into persecuted and persecutors.» ROSIE GOLDSMITH, Chair of the Judges

Lev Danilkin – Lenin biography

new sale

Hungarian rights sold to Gondolat

April 22nd 2020 is the 150th birthday of Vladimir Iliich Lenin. All available recent Lenin biographies either consider Lenin to be the greatest evildoer of the 20th century or they are more sympathetic to his utopia, even if the real existing communism has failed.

Lev Danilkin’s Lenin biography is radically different. This is already evidenced by the fact that this non-fiction book was not only named „Book of the Year 2017“, but was also awarded Russia’s most important literary prize, the „Big Book Award“. Danilkin, for decades Russia’s most advanced literary critic, is both an unconventional intellectual and a gifted narrator. He has already demonstrated this in his monograph on Yuri Gagarin.

2024 is the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s death. Rights sold so far: French, Hungarian, Serbian, Spanish.

«This book is not about bringing Lenin back to the Russian Pantheon or making him the idol of youth. The aim is to infect the reader with his own passion … This book is an injection of sound reason, justice and healthy anger.» DMITRY BYKOV

Jan Valetov – Best Age to Die

new publication

German translation ZONE published by Piper

Jan Valetov’s dystopian novel BEST AGE TO DIE is the book of the hour. A virus has spread all over the world. Only the under-18 survive. The infrastructure has collapsed. Almost all of the knowledge seems lost. The young bookworm Tim finds information in old books that could save mankind. But to get the antivirus, he needs the help of the relentless lone fighter Belka.

Available as ebook before our life saving book stores will re-open.

Dmitri Zakharov – Moscow Banksy

new representation

a hyperrealistic political Moscow thriller

Suddenly, new graffiti appears in Moscow week after week with a clock-face in the corner, the painted hand creeping towards 12. The grotesque works of an anonymous graffiti artist each represent a different member of the new bureaucratic nomenklatura – each of whom dies shortly afterwards. This is the visible scene of Moscow in Dmitri Zakharov’s novel MOSCOW BANKSY (MIDDLE EDDA). At the same time, there is a political intrigue going on behind the scenes: the dismissal of the government, the long-prepared installation of a puppet candidate as deputy spokesman, who formally becomes the second man in the state. And the first, if something will happen to the president.

„A political crime thriller, an art anti-utopia, a Russian Dogville, a saga about the battle of the gods … But above all a vigilant and relentless diagnosis of the generation of the Russian 2000s, painful and on time.“ ALEKSANDR GAVRILOV