Aleksei Slapovski – The Unknown

new publication

Hungarian translation published by Slovart

The subtitle of Aleksei Slapovski’s most recent book THE UNKNOWN is: „Novel of a Century 1917 to 2017“. And indeed, the story begins with Nikolai Smirnov’s entry into his diary on the 17th December 1917 and ends with a letter from Gleb Smirnov to his father Victor in 2017. Thus the novel is also a family saga spanning five generations. No judgement of individual fate, instead empathy with many members of the family who recognize that they are on their way into the unknown.

In its polyphonic, multi-faceted concept a courageous response to recent political reflexives in Russia where a single version of the so called patriotic past is printed in the school books.

Olga Slavnikova – The Man Who Couldn’t Die

new publication

English translation published as audiobook by storybox/ Heraclon

A bed ridden Soviet veteran is being looked after by his wife and daughter. Long may he live, the family is surviving on his pension. The two women create a virtual world for him in his room, cut him off from all sources of information and play him old news recorded on video. All this to convince the old man of the continued existence of his beloved Soviet Union. But all the old man wants – is to finally die. Two generations in an absurdly comical and tragic vicious circle. Is there a way out?

The novel IMMORTAL has been published in 4 languages so far. In her preface to the French edition by Gallimard Olga Slavnikova writes:  „This is no Good bye Lenin clone which you have in front of you. The novel Immortal is a fundamentally different product. The book begins where the film ends…“

Evgeni Grishkovets – The Shirt

new publication

Bulgarian translation published by Aviana

With the Bulgarian book the total number of foreign translations of this novel adds up to 13!

Evgeni Grishkovets‚ novel THE SHIRT is the story of a little man in a big city, and the tale of a day in the life of a shirt that is put on in the morning and taken off at night.

Viktor Remizov – Temptation

new sale

Bulgarian translation rights have been sold to Aviana

At home they were Russian citizens; in Moscow they are just refugees, like Tajiks, Azerbaijanis, Georgians. Viktor Remizov’s novel TEMPTATION tells the story of what it is like to be a migrant in one’s own country. Soberly and without exaggerated literary effects, the author shows us the naked truth about the life of the younger generation in Russia. Nothing seems to be imagined or added.

„Remizov realistically tells the (crossing) paths of a Russian youth with betrayed ideals in a city jungle where everything is allowed. The journey of his two heroines, who are so generous, graceful and lovable, sends a cold shiver down your spine.“

Oleg Pavlov – Tales of the Last Days


new publication

English audio edition published by storybox/ Heraclon

Oleg Pavlov’s famous trilogy TALES FROM THE LAST DAYS is set at the end of the era of the Soviet Union, but they do paint a fundamental picture of the situation in the Russian army, a situation that has scarcely improved since the time of the Soviet Union. Death is ever present, and in the places of death life prevails. Anarchy and chance are the only means by which the individual can survive inside the strictly hierarchical structure. Those caught in this system are all weak and dejected, cruel and immune to suffering. The few moments of human warmth are seen as sheer happiness.

Oleg Zobern – Autobiography of Iesus Christ

new publication

Czech translation published by Albatros

Oleg Zobern’s book AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF IESUS CHRIST in the guise of a fictional novel. A highly intelligent, likeable philanthropist, stumbling through life as best he can. In times neither better nor worse than ours, where wheeling and dealing defines every-day life, where it is not only the poor soil and the raw climate that cause the frequent migratory movements, fanatical guardians of public morals and occupying forces make life difficult as well.

”Devastating! It looks as if we have our own Salman Rushdie.” Aleksandr Mikhailov (Lecturer at the Gorky Literature Institute)

”The Iesus in Zobern’s ‘Autobiography’ is an icon of the antichrist.” Archpriest Chaplin (Former adviser to the Russian Patriarch Kirill)

Inga Kuznetsova – Inside Out

new representation

from the perspective of a SARS-CoV-2 virus – self-aware, curious about the world, and genuinely fond of human beings

The radical book INSIDE OUT by Inga Kuznetsova is turning our worldview upside down and inside out. A hyperrealistic parable about the current state of our planet, offering questions about a new ethic which applies not just to humans, but to all living beings.

Full English translation available.

Youtube channel – short interviews with the authors

new channel on youtube

short video interviews with the authors about their titles

We are happy to announce the agency’s new channel on youtube!

Recorded during Covid-times – online interviews with the authors sometimes connecting from a remote Russian dacha, talking with them about basic questions:
– what was the inspiration to write this book?
– what was the main challenge in writing it?
– what makes the book actually interesting for today readers?

Short video clips of 3-5 minutes about almost 50 single titles with 25 different authors sorted in author-playlist if an author has more than 1 book.

All with clean English subtitles, some of them directly in English.