Olga Beshlei – My weird lover from the FSB

   new representation

Incompetent, vulnerable, cheeky, paranoid, yearning, shy, but also brilliant at self-presentation, and then, embarrassingly open; Olga Beshlei wonders why it is so difficult these days for a likeable and open-minded young woman simply to be happy.

It is not at all difficult for Beshleis’s heroine to find emancipated soulmates in any Western city who have suffered similarly. Except perhaps the panic about trying to hide a huge pink dildo before a house search by the secret service FSB should be considerably less outside Russia.

„Everyone in the FSB will read it and roll over laughing.“ ALEKSANDR LYCHAGIN

Zakhar Prilepin – The Cloister

         new publications

Translations of Zakhar Prilepin’s big historical novel OBITEL – THE CLOISTER have been published by another 3 foreign publishers:
Actes Sud/ France
Cappelendamm/ Norway
Cankarjeva/ Slovenia

Aleksandr Ilichevski

         new publications

Translations of Aleksander Ilichevski’s novel MATISS have been published in Serbian and Macedonian translations.

His latest book, a diary of his first year in Israel, had been published already in fall 2017 by Matthes&Seitz/ Germany.

Mirzakarim Norbekov

          new publications

With A MILLION SOLUTIONS published in Poland by Studio Astropsychologii, there are now 4 titles by Mirzakarim Norbekov available in Polish translation.

Also a totally new English translation of Norbekov’s famous HOW TO GET RID OF YOUR GLASSES has been published with amazon, available as paperback and ebook.

Anna Matveeva – live in France

   author live

Within the frames of the French-Russian Year of Language and Literature Anna Matveeva has been invited to France to meet with her readers.

April 4, she will be in Paris at the Russian Centre of Culture. And then from April 6-8, she will attend the 21. Fêtes du Livre in Autun.