Leonid Yuzefovich – Kazaroza

new publication

historical detective novel published by China Radio Film & TV Press


Set in 1920, civil war is still raging in Russia. The famous St Petersburg singer Zinaida Kazaroza arrives in a city in the Ural. The members of the local Esperanto Club invite her to sing. Then she is shot under mysterious circumstances during the concert. The journalist and revolutionary Svechnikov, a secret admirer of Kazaroza, together with the poet Vagin, undertake to trace her murderer.

«One often hears the question: we know Pelevin, Sorokin, and Akunin. Are there not any other good writers? Yes there are. Leonid Yuzefovich.» KONSERVATOR

Aleksei Ivanov – Heart of Parma

new sale

Serbian translation rights sold to Čarobna Knjiga Belgrad

Set in the 15th century Aleksei Ivanov’s historical novel HEART OF PARMA is epic, romantic, lush, brutal and wrenchingly mystical: history blends seamlessly with invention, new religion with native magic, passion with death. It is a heady, superbly involving entertainment with battles and churches, captives and crucifixions, pagan temples and human sacrifice, princes and traitors, women who turn into wolves and men who are cursed to live forever. It is, at heart, the tale of conquest and clashing civilizations.

Listen to a 3 minutes youtube clip with the author about his novel (activate English subtitles).

Oleg Zaionchkovski – Happiness is possible

new sale

Bulgarian rights sold to Aviana

„Artlessness is the defining aspect of Zaionchkovsky’s diction: the absolute harmony of style and dramatic development seems to be entirely natural, it “happens” to the author in the same way as various events constantly happen to his character.“