Aleksei Nikitin – Bat-Ami in Ukrainian

new publication and award

Ukrainian translation published by Phoenix

among Best Books of the Year 2021

Aleksei Nikitin’s novel BAT-AMI – FROM THE FACE OF FIRE has been published in Ukrainian language by Phoenix Publishers.

BAT-AMI is not a documentary novel, but its story – inspired in part by the author‘s family history – is based on files relating to 1941-1942 secret service operations from the archives of the Ukrainian Secret Service. These sources enabled the author to tell the true story of the famous boxer Goldinov. Because the widespread theories about what happened to him – the rumours that were still circulating in Kiev after the war – have largely proven to be false, as has old Yad Vashem version of events. The descriptions of Ukraine’s complex conflicts involving an overpowering Russian brother state, the Soviet secret service, German occupation, partisans and patriotic nationalist freedom fighters cast their shadows even onto the Ukraine of today.

The novel has been chosen by Ukrainian PEN Club among the Best Books of the Year 2021.

Ivan Bunin – Ignat

new sale

Polish rights sold to Wielka Litera

The short story IGNAT by Ivan Bunin will be included in a new anthology about love written by the best world writers (Shakespeare, Czechow, Keret, Andersen, Joyce, Singer, Lowry, Atwood, Capote, Bunin).

Leonid Yuzefovich – Philhellenes

new sale

Romanian language rights sold to Editura Litera

The twenties of the 19th century. Greece is fighting for independence from the Ottoman Empire. The revolutionaries have many sympathizers throughout Europe who are willing to voluntarily defend the old culture and fight to preserve the old greatness. That is how they are called: Philhellenes – lovers of the Greeks.

After WINTER ROAD, his documentary novel about the last battle of the Russian Revolution (7 languages sold), Leonid Yuzefovich dedicated his talent for narrative non-fiction to another historical war where (not only) Russians were fighting on foreign territory: PHILHELLENES.

“Yuzefovich writes with subtle irony, detailed historical knowledge and a great feeling for language – a literary phenomenon!“