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multiple award winning horror novel

Darya Bobyleva’s horror novel VYURKI turns out to be a good example of an action-horror thriller with an obligatory love spell… then we finally get to know where all these creatures are from, but that doesn‘t make it any easier – by this point the residents of the village are already so crazy, that they are willing to kill each other. Vyurki reads both as a parable about the current state of mind and morals in a world gone mad by all sorts of civilizational and ecological pres- sures, as well as a parable about the basic evil woven into every single human being.

«Darya Bobyleva has the talent of a sorceress in literature – she enters the dark memory of the most ordinary apartments, she senses troubles in familiar relationships, she knows the terrible secrets of average big-city families. The novel „Vyurki“ is the culmination of her mystical forays into the wrong side of everyday life.» VALERIA PUSTOVAYA