Nonfiction Book Fair No 19 in Moscow

   Thomas Wiedling in Moscow

From November 29 until December 3 2017 the agency will be attending the most interesting Russian book fair for the BEST in literary fiction, scholarly and popular-science books.

It is Nonfiction No. 19 and the 18th time for Thomas Wiedling to attend.

And on December 6 Thomas Wiedling will be as usual attending the ceremony of the Russian Booker Prize 2017.

Spotting new Russian authors who’s works could be interesting for a western audience is a core of the business – and a lot of fun, too!

Vladimir Sharov

   new representation

The agency proudly announces the worldwide representation of the works by Vladimir Sharov who is already considered a living classic.

His novel BEFORE AND DURING, published in the early 90ies evoked heavy polemic responses due to the provoking discussion of the entanglement of communism and religion. Themes and motifs around this topic recur throughout his oeuvre descenting into the geographic, social and religious depths of Russia from the 17th to the 20th century.

«There are novels that are fascinating because of their ambitious design, others because of their urgent demand for attention and their impressive style, and then there are those with a unique subject matter. In Sharov‘s „Rehearsals“ all these characteristics are present and excellently combined.»

The full English translation of BEFORE AND DURING by Oliver Ready and published by Dedalus/ UK is available for proof reading.

Leonid Yuzefovich – Casarosa

    new sale

Set in 1920, civil war is still raging in Russia. The famous St Petersburg singer Zinaida Kazaroza arrives in a city in the Ural. The members of the local Esperanto Club invite her to sing. Then she is shot under mysterious circumstances during the concert. The journalist and revolutionary Svechnikov, a secret admirer of Kazaroza, together with the poet Vagin, undertake to trace her murderer.

Leonid Yuzefovich again proves the highly stylised mastery with which he weaves his factually accurate historical material into an unusually exotic and thrilling detective story.

Rights for simplified Chinese language have been sold to China Radio Film & TV Press.