Viktor Remizov – Eternal Frost

new award

Book of the Year in Russia 2021

The great epic novel ETERNAL FROST by Viktor Remizov is set against the background of the construction of the “Great Stalin Railway” on the Arctic Circle in Siberia, on which up to 80,000 prisoners of the GULAG were simultaneously working between 1947 and 1953 when Stalin died. It is one of the most tragic projects of the Stalinist machinery of repression. In 2023 we see the 70th anniversary of Stalin’s death and of the closing of the “Great Stalin Railway”.

„Thanks for the truth. It is the truth without a doubt. We have to remember that. This is how it was.“ LITRES

“This is by far the most interesting sample text I have translated in recent times.“ ANDREW BROMFIELD

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Olga Gromova – Sugar Child

new publication

German translation published by Aufbau

What is it like to be a „public enemy“ from one day to the next, to be exposed to Stalin‘s repressions – the Great Terror? Stella Nudolskaja experienced it with her parents in the Soviet Union of the 1930s.

Decades later Olga Gromova, active librarian and editor-in-chief of specialized journal, meets her neighbour, Stella, who gradually tells her her personal story. Olga Gromova turned it into a strong and tender book, in which the reader accompanies the girl through all her impassable life.

A story which was originally aimed at 12-16 year old readers, is now no longer perceived as „young adult“, but has become part of the great Russian literature.

“Sugar Child is the documentary fact of a miracle – the education of a human personality under inhuman conditions.“ Sergei Lebedev

SUGAR CHILD by Olga Gromova comes with a preface by Lyudmila Ulitskaya.