Anna Matveeva – Dyatlov Pass

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Latvian edition published by Latvijas Mediji

Anna Matveeva’s novel THE DYATLOV PASS is dedicated to the true story of a group of young students who died under mysterious circumstances as ski tourists on the Dyatlov Pass in the northern Ural mountains in 1959. The exact circumstances of the mysterious deaths on Dyatlov Pass remain unexplained. Accompanying Matveeva’s heroine on her quest for the truth, therefore, the reader returns not only to a brutal past but is also drawn into discovering the truth behind the own life.

“The Dyatlov Pass could signal the start of a new literature just as In Cold Blood by Truman Capote once was for American prose… What I value in Matveeva’s novel is…. that she displays affection for the nine victims, lives with them and thus forces me to see one of them in the youngster sitting next to me in the cafe or in the underground… What I like most about reading this book, however, is the feeling of living through someone else’s tragedy because it is built into and woven into our own lives.”

Roman Senchin – Rain in Paris

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Macedonian language rights sold to Makedonika Litera

The sincerity and accuracy of Roman Senchin, the attention to detail in his novel RAIN IN PARIS create the vivid and truthful image of a forty-year-old man and his life in the Russian province. The hero and the reader with him become gradually clear: Without understanding the past, people have no future.

«“Rain in Paris“ is an extraordinarily graceful novel for all the details of everyday life. And with all the acute socio-political content a thoroughly philosophical text.» PAVEL BASINSKI