Anna Morozova – The Fourth Helper of St. Christopher

new representation

young female Ukrainian voice

Anna Morozova, born in 1989 in Sumy, Ukraine, is a metal scientist and volcanologist who also pursued a career in travel journalism that would take her to 70 countries around the world. Her award winning novel THE FOURTH HELPER OF ST. CHRISTOPHER is a literary adventure novel where the young main hero Rozov never loses sight of his ultimate goal – to return home to Odesa and reunite with the love of his life.

“A book that I dragged with me everywhere. 700 pages, hardcover, weighs around 1 kg, so „dragged“ is definitely the right word. And „everywhere“ means to bed, to the toilet, to the beach, to work. I brushed my teeth with it, went jogging with it, drank coffee with it in the morning and wine in the evening. If there was a way to read while driving to the office, I would have. I regretted having to waste time working, eating, sleeping instead of reading on.” GOODREADS

Maria Galina

new representation

triptych of novels in Ukraine

The agency is proud to present this triptych of novels by Maria Galina, set in Ukraine:

LITTLE BOONDOCK takes place in Odessa, an amazing quest in which the heroes not only try to get to the land of the dead, but travel deep into themselves, into their own souls.

MOLE CRICETS is set in the Odessa region, near Snake Island, where legend says Achilles was buried.

– Lviv is the stage for AUTOCHTHONS, an unusual detective novel. The three books play on fantasy, myth, geography, and history, creating characters and situations that nimbly combine coziness with unease.

Viktor Martinovich – Revolution Premiere at Münchner Volkstheater

book presentation & theatre premiere

Münchner Volkstheater March 23 2023

After Viktor Martinovich’s novel REVOLUTION had been adapted for the stage by famous Deutsches SchauSpielHaus Hamburg, now the Münchner Volkstheater brings out its own version of this novel on stage with premiere on March 23 at 7pm. The author will be present at the premiere.

At 5pm also at the Münchner Volkstheater there will be a book presentation of his novel NIGHT which has been published recently by Europa Verlag. Martinovich will read and answer questions from the public.


Sergei Gerasimov – Notes from Kharkiv for Albania and Macedonia

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Albanian and Macedonian language rights sold to Shkupi

On February 24, 2022, the Russian army launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The city of Kharkiv quickly comes under heavy fire. Hundreds of thousands of people flee. The Ukrainian writer Sergey Gerasimov and his wife together with several cats remain in the embattled frontline town. Soon there will be a lack of clean water, food and medical infrastructure. The thermometers show high sub-zero temperatures, people are freezing. Gerasimov begins to write about the absurdity of everyday life in war. The result are his NOTES FROM KHARKIV, a stirring testimony, an appeal for peace and understanding and thus a perfect book for the memorial day of the beginning of the war in February every year.

Constantly published as a column in Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky – How to Slay a Dragon for World English

new sale

World English rights sold to Polity

Isn’t this one of the most pressing questions of our times? How can a totalitarian regime be put to an end? By whom? From the inside or from the outside? After that, who would come to power? And what would that power look like? And what should that power look like?

Far from any know-it-all attitude, Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s book HOW TO SLAY A DRAGON poses questions, uncomfortable questions that have been avoided in the West up to now, such as non-violence/ violence against a totalitarian ruler acting aggressively both internally and externally. Using the example of Russia Khodorkovsky derives the resulting options for action. The book does not want to provide recipes but to initiate a discussion overdue.

Recently Khodorkovsky held speeches and panel discussions at Munich Security Conference 2023 and presented the German translation (Europa Verlag) of his book.

Oleg Zaionchkovski – Happiness is Possible in Bulgaria

new publication

Bulgarian translation published by Aviana

The Bulgarian translation of Oleg Zaionchkovski’s novel HAPPINESS IS POSSIBLE has been published recently.

A writer, living in Moscow with a small dacha on the outskirts of the city, is hard up and so hires himself out to a large publishing company. He is required to deliver a positive novel on time but he has been unable to come up with anything positive since his wife Tamara ran off. She continues to visit the dacha, however, complete with new lover, to whom he is also required to show the best fishing spots. All that the writer is able to produce is notes about the happiness of others.

„Artlessness is the defining aspect of Zaionchkovsky’s diction: the absolute harmony of style and dramatic development seems to be entirely natural, it “happens” to the author in the same way as various events constantly happen to his character.“

Sergii Rudenko – Zelenskyi in 20 languages


new publications

20 languages published, 6 more to come

With the Latvian and Islander book editions and the Swedish and Danish audiobook versions Sergii Rudenko’s critical biography about Zelenskyi has now been translated into 20 languages. In his recent interviews accompanying the publications Rudenko is again touching critical points about ongoing corruption in Ukraine.

The book ZELENSKYI WITHOUT MAKE-UP by Sergii Rudenko tells the story of Zelenskyi’s rise to power as honestly and openly as possible and without any retouching. A book about Zelenskyi’s triumph in 2019, but also about his numerous defeats in the political Olympus.The story of a man who, without any political experience or relevant knowledge, promised the Ukrainians to change their state. A man trusted by 13.5 million voters. A person who must understand: great trust is also a great responsibility. The man who accepted the challenge of Vladimir Putin, becoming the head of the Ukrainian state in this difficult period.