new representation

young female Ukrainian voice

Anna Morozova, born in 1989 in Sumy, Ukraine, is a metal scientist and volcanologist who also pursued a career in travel journalism that would take her to 70 countries around the world. Her award winning novel THE FOURTH HELPER OF ST. CHRISTOPHER is a literary adventure novel where the young main hero Rozov never loses sight of his ultimate goal – to return home to Odesa and reunite with the love of his life.

“A book that I dragged with me everywhere. 700 pages, hardcover, weighs around 1 kg, so „dragged“ is definitely the right word. And „everywhere“ means to bed, to the toilet, to the beach, to work. I brushed my teeth with it, went jogging with it, drank coffee with it in the morning and wine in the evening. If there was a way to read while driving to the office, I would have. I regretted having to waste time working, eating, sleeping instead of reading on.” GOODREADS