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20 languages published, 6 more to come

With the Latvian and Islander book editions and the Swedish and Danish audiobook versions Sergii Rudenko’s critical biography about Zelenskyi has now been translated into 20 languages. In his recent interviews accompanying the publications Rudenko is again touching critical points about ongoing corruption in Ukraine.

The book ZELENSKYI WITHOUT MAKE-UP by Sergii Rudenko tells the story of Zelenskyi’s rise to power as honestly and openly as possible and without any retouching. A book about Zelenskyi’s triumph in 2019, but also about his numerous defeats in the political Olympus.The story of a man who, without any political experience or relevant knowledge, promised the Ukrainians to change their state. A man trusted by 13.5 million voters. A person who must understand: great trust is also a great responsibility. The man who accepted the challenge of Vladimir Putin, becoming the head of the Ukrainian state in this difficult period.