Roman Senchin – Flood Plains

new publication

Arabic language edition published by Al Arabi Publishing/ Egypt.

A simple story that is often told: Naomi Klein tells it in her non-fictional analysis “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate“. Andrey Zvyagintsev in his Oscar-nominee cinematic drama “Leviathan“. And Roman Senchin’s novel FLOOD PLAINS tells a very actual Siberian version of individual profit verses public welfare.

With the emotional forcefulness of an irrevocable farewell Senchin describes the life in the doomed villages in the centre of the fertile and nourishing countryside while the water inexorably rises. The undercurrent of the novel is like the Siberian river that once flowed freely: crystal-clear, fast and full of fish.

Anna Matveeva – Vera Stenina’s Envy

new sale

Bulgarian language rights sold to Aviana

VERA STENINA’S ENVY by Ekaterinburg author Anna Matveeva is a novel about a relationship between two women who could not be more different: Julia, beautiful but somewhat ordinary, and Vera, who carries a unique talent inside of her but who is by no means attractive. It is Vera who secretly envies Julia, telling us about it with a fresh sense of self-irony and distance. Little does she know that her closest friend experiences the same pain, not having any particular gift to offer to the world. A gift, because Vera is able to feel a painting. The perfume of the hair of a woman depicted. The inner melody of a piece of art. If it is fake, there will be no sound. She will use this talent successfully in the art industry.

Grigori Kanovich – Devilspel

new sale

Bosnian translation rights sold to Buybook/ Sarajevo

The novel is set during the tragic few weeks in June-July 1941, when the German army in a sudden attack defeated the Red Army and within a few days occupied Lithuania. Grigori Kanovich’s writing is informed by his deep native knowledge of the Lithuanian countryside where he grew up in the 1930s, but he is no less intimately familiar with the Russian and Jewish cultures. Yet his real interest as a writer is in exploring the fundamental and universal ethical conflict between good and evil, which transcends the limits of concrete space and time.

«DEVILSPEL is a moving and elegant novel of fine character portraits, told in restrained but beautiful prose, set in a small town in Lithuania at a watershed moment of history, when ethnic cleansing and the Holocaust enter the lives of the local Jews and non-Jews alike, dividing neighbours and families into persecuted and persecutors.»
ROSIE GOLDSMITH, Chair of the Judges EBRD Literature Prize