Petr Aleshkovski – A Russian Chronicle of the War

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published in diaspora

Aleshkovki‘s position is clear from the first line. The experience and horror of what happened is not hushed up, on the contrary, it is the driving force behind the book. The book was published in Israel because the author would have faced a long prison sentence in Russia.

This RUSSIAN CHRONICLE OF THE WAR contains impressions of a journey through a country at war, but on whose territory no hostilities are taking place. But the war is felt by every cell of the body, and surprisingly the author met many who were against the war against the brother people of Ukraine from the very beginning.

London Book Fair 2023

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Ukraine, Russian diaspora, authors at risk

Right in time for LIBF 2023 we are ready to present half a dozen new names on the agency’s list. The agency has opened its platforms to many new well-known authors, who now feel cut off both from their domestic audience and even more so from the foreign book market like Petr Aleshkovski, Anna Berseneva, Ivan Davydov, Oleg Navalny, Denis Puzyrev and others.

As the interest of publishers is also subject to new criteria, we have rearranged our author’s list by locations: Ukrainian, Russian Diaspora, Russia and smaller countries like Belorusia, Georgia, Lithuania or Uzbekistan.

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Hanna Mikhalevska – Win Can’t Lose

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Family-Stellen in Odesa

Born in Odesa, Hanna Mikhalevska got a master’s degree in Economics and a master’s degree in Social Psychology. Her novel WIN CAN’T LOSE is set in Odesa and covers a hundred-year period of Rita‘s family life. The title „Family constellation in Odesa“ refers to Bernd Hellinger’s therapeutic method of so called Familienstellen.

Rita and her grandmother realize, that impregnated with bad memories, things drag the family into a trap of failures, illnesses, losses. The only way out is to find new owners for those things, to give them a chance for a second birth.