Lada Luzina – Witches of Kyiv for Poland

new sale

Polish language rights for 2 volumes of the series sold to Insignis

Kyiv has been considered not only the centre of the Christian orthodox faith but also the witches’ capital since time immemorial. Many Russian-Ukrainian artists (Mikhail Vrubel), authors (Mikhail Bulgakov) and musicians (Modest Mussorgsky) have drawn on this tradition. The settings are all so authentic that the series WITCHES OF KYIV by Lada Luzina can almost be read as an alternative guide book. With a detailed portrait of both contemporary and historical Kyiv the author tempts the reader into a world where reality is hardly distinguishable from the phantastic plot.

In this book a real demon has returned to Kyiv and none other than the three witches are able to protect the town from his curse and from a third murder. Wishful thinking when the author started to write the series, but already 15 years ago the young generation in Ukraine and especially in the big cities was full of positive plans, dreams and wishes for their own future free of old demons.

Pavel Belyanski – Grandma did not love to die

new sale

Estonian language rights sold to Eesti Ramaat

Pavel Belyanski’s novel GRANDMA DID NOT LOVE TO DIE is a cruel, beautiful, openly funny and truthfully sad family saga over three generations. All their lives they strive for personal happiness in their home, but there has never been real love. Each chapter here is a work of its own, a piece of life, an ironic, sad and powerful story. Nestled together, they weave into a magnificent canvas of the story of the residents of a mining village in Eastern Ukraine.

Pavel Belyanski has joined Ukraine forces at the moment to defend his country against Russian aggressors.

Sergei Gerasimov – Notes from Kharkiv in German and Hungarian

new publications

German edition published by dtv, Hungarian edition published by Helikon

On February 24, 2022, the Russian army launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The city of Kharkiv quickly comes under heavy fire. Hundreds of thousands of people flee. The Ukrainian writer Sergey Gerasimov and his wife together with several cats remain in the embattled frontline town. Soon there will be a lack of clean water, food and medical infrastructure. The thermometers show high sub-zero temperatures, people are freezing. Gerasimov begins to write about the absurdity of everyday life in war. The result is a stirring testimony, an appeal for peace and understanding and thus a perfect book for memorial day of beginning of war in February every year.

New Russian Horror

new genre

special selection of best Russian horror

The agency is proud to open another important section on the SCIFI-FANTASY WEBSITE presenting a special selection of best works in the genre of HORROR .

Among the authors you will find renown names like ANNA STAROBINETS, the «Queen of Russian Horror», another rising star and female «Master of Horror» DARYA BOBYLEVA, 3 mystical horror novels by living classic super star ALEKSEI IVANOV who is writing in several genres, 2 scifi novels with horror elements by MAX MAXIMOV who received the Aelita and the Strugatski Awards in 2021, a very slavic horror novel by ANDREI RUBANOV and last but not least a Best-of from the most successful Russian horror series MOST SCARY BOOK.which was launched some years ago by the «Godfather of Russian Horror» M.S. PARFENOV.

All authors will be introduced with their titles here in single posts on this news blog in the near future. But publishers should not be afraid to already now check the links above and send requests for proof reading.