Sergei Loiko – The Flight

   new sale

Translation rights for Sergei Loiko’s political thriller THE FLIGHT have been sold to Poland.

Please see also his previous novel AIRPORT that is neither a war chronicle, nor a documentary, nor an investigative novel, but a work of fiction based on true facts and events. So far translation rights for 10 languages sold.

After the Fair 2017 is before the Fair 2018

   Georgia Guest of Honour Frankfurt 2018

One of the most important writers of contemporary Georgian literature is ZAZA BURCHULADZE. Forced into exile and now living in Berlin, he will be one of the stars at next Frankfurt Book Fair 2018.

His most famous novel ADIBAS (160 pages, full English translation available for proof reading) describes the 5 days of Russian-Georgian war in a manner completely different to what we have seen in Georgian literature to date. The book is a drastic satire of urban Bohemia in a globalised world where there is no longer any difference between the real and the fake.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2017

    see you at my table 12F, Litag hall 6.3

NEW AUTHORS for Frankfurt Book Fair at a glance:

Predicting the unpredictable with great insight, Bochkov’s trilogy about the assassination of the President is revealing a straight-forward view of nowa- days Russia. A breath-taking page turner.

with his outstanding thrillers THE FLIGHT and AIRPORT, inspired by true events, extensive research and war reporting of the former prize-winning Moscow Los Angeles Times correspondent.

all works by one of the most famous contemporary Belarusian authors.

„Minimum of literature, maximum of life.“ LITERARY GAZETTE

„There are novels that are fascinating because of their ambitious design, others because of their urgent demand for attention and their impressive sty- le, and then there are those with a unique subject matter. In Sharov‘s work all these characteristics are present and excellently combined.“ LE MONDE

„Fantast of the Year 2017“ and three times LiveLib Award 2014/15/16. The most popular and successful romantic fantasy author in Russia.

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