Roman Senchin – Rain in Paris (Bulgaria)

new sale and publication

Bulgarian edition with Aviana

The sincerity and accuracy of Roman Senchin, the attention to detail in his novel RAIN IN PARIS create the vivid and truthful image of a forty-year-old man and his life in the Russian province. The hero and the reader with him become gradually clear: Without understanding the past, people have no future.

«“Rain in Paris“ is an extraordinarily graceful novel for all the details of everyday life. And with all the acute socio-political content a thoroughly philosophical text.» PAVEL BASINSKI

Dmitri Danilov – for Serbia and Bulgaria

new sales

«Sasha, hello» for Bulgaria | «Description of a City» for Serbia

Serbian translation rights for Dmitri Danilov’s novel DESCRIPTION OF A CITY have been sold to Prozart.

«Description of a City got under my skin and into my livers…» LIZA HAYDEN


Bulgarian translation rights for Dmitri Danilov’s novel el SASHA, HELLO have been sold to Panorama Publishers.

The new novel SASHA, HELLO by Dmitri Danilov with distopian character moves right on the edge of the real situation in Russia. Death penalty was recently introduced as part of a project to humanize the penal system for crimes where society has no real sense of wrongdoing. Executions are no longer carried out by executioners. Instead, a warden has recently taken you out for a walk every day through the same hallway, where one fine day you will be torn to pieces by a salvo of an automatic machine gun. This can happen in three days or in thirty years. As algorithm would have it.

Double awarded by non-governmental institutions: Book of the Year 2022 (by Russian publisher’s community) and Yasnaya Polyana Award 2022 (sponsored by Samsung)

Mikhail Khodorkovsky – speaker at Munich Security Conference 2023

new publication

German translation of HOW TO SLAY A DRAGON published by Europa Verlag

In its pamphlet-like gesture, Mikhail Khorodkovsky’s short MANUAL FOR START-UP REVOLUTIONARIES is very reminiscent of Stéphane Hessel‘s „Time for Outrage!“. The German publisher Europa Verlag made it available in a special short version right in time for Munich Security Conference 2023 where Khodorkovsky has been invited as speaker.

The presentation of the German version of HOW TO SLAY A DRAGON will take place at the public event of the MSC Security and Literature Series 2023 with Khodorkovsky in Literaturhaus München on Thursday Feb 16 at 19:00. TICKET RESERVATION

Isn’t this one of the most pressing questions of our times? How can a totalitarian regime be put to an end? By whom? From the inside or from the outside? After that, who would come to power? And what would that power look like? And what should that power look like?

Far from any know-it-all attitude, Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s book HOW TO SLAY A DRAGON poses questions, uncomfortable questions that have been avoided in the West up to now, such as non-violence/ violence against a totalitarian ruler acting aggressively both internally and externally. Using the example of Russia Khodorkovsky derives the resulting options for action. The book does not want to provide recipes but to initiate a discussion overdue.

The full long version will be published in German translation as hardcover also for Leipzig book fair.


Sergii Rudenko – Battle for Kyiv. Defense of the Ukrainian Capital 2022

new sales

4 languages sold: Finnish, Romanian, Macedonian and Albanian (on Macedonian territory)

BATTLE FOR KYIV – THE DEFENSE OF THE UKRAINIAN CAPITAL 2022 is the new book by Ukrainian journalist Sergii Rudenko, author of «Zelenskyi Without Make-Up: A Political Biography» sold/published in 25 languages

The taking of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, was a declared main goal of Putin’s “special operation”. Whoever controls Kyiv controls Ukraine. The unexpectedly successful defense of the capital and the expulsion of the Russian occupiers from the surrounding settlements in the greater Kyiv area in 2022 was a crucial turning point in the course of the war.

Battle round by battle round, author Rudenko recounts the decisive moments in the defense of Kyiv and the surrounding area. Rudenko himself was in Kyiv when the war broke out, and he witnessed the first rockets hitting the Ukrainian capital.

This is a very personal book following the individual fates of 12 people, many of whom Rudenko knew personally before the war, illustrating how brutally this war changes lives. Its hot first phase is described here from a wide variety of perspectives and eye witnesses including the Klitschko brothers.

Dmitri Danilov – Horizontal Position in Serbian

new publication

Serbian translation published by Utopia

Dmitri Danilov’s novel HORIZONTAL POSITION was written before Covid crisis catapulted us out of our old routines. Are we hoping and ready to return to them? To answer this question this novel is a very good guide to travel back in time.

We experience precisely one year, going from chapter to chapter – breathless, bored, bothered, relaxed, irritated, amused – and every evening falling exhausted into bed, together with the hero. For a brief moment of sleep in the horizontal position only to then be roused again straightaway, knowing what the daily routine will bring and yet continually full of expectations for the new day.

“Buster Keaton humour with a deadpan expression.“ EX LIBRIS

“Danilov is something of a new Oblomov.“ SERGEI SHARGUNOV

“I would go as far as to say that this book belongs next to Ignatius von Loyola and less alongside Robbe- Grillet and Nathalie Sarraut.“ RADIO LIBERTY

Aleksei Ivanov – Food Shack world english

new sale

World English language rights have been sold to Glagoslav

Aleksei Ivanov’s novel THE FOOD SHACK is a very tricky vampire novel about a highly topical ideological conflict that runs through the entire book on many levels: Independence of thought, dreaminess, the urge for freedom and the attempt to understand our complicated world – as a counterpart to the simple answers and blunt rules that have always been and still are set up, out of laziness of thought or just to enslave people. A novel that is not only straightforward and strong like a wooden post, but also follows the rules of the genre so well, that the reader doesn‘t even notice how he has already been bitten and infected.