new sales

«Sasha, hello» for Bulgaria | «Description of a City» for Serbia

Serbian translation rights for Dmitri Danilov’s novel DESCRIPTION OF A CITY have been sold to Prozart.

«Description of a City got under my skin and into my livers…» LIZA HAYDEN


Bulgarian translation rights for Dmitri Danilov’s novel el SASHA, HELLO have been sold to Panorama Publishers.

The new novel SASHA, HELLO by Dmitri Danilov with distopian character moves right on the edge of the real situation in Russia. Death penalty was recently introduced as part of a project to humanize the penal system for crimes where society has no real sense of wrongdoing. Executions are no longer carried out by executioners. Instead, a warden has recently taken you out for a walk every day through the same hallway, where one fine day you will be torn to pieces by a salvo of an automatic machine gun. This can happen in three days or in thirty years. As algorithm would have it.

Double awarded by non-governmental institutions: Book of the Year 2022 (by Russian publisher’s community) and Yasnaya Polyana Award 2022 (sponsored by Samsung)