Aleksei Fedyarov – Man in Jail

new sale

Polish language rights have been sold to Czarne

The heroes of Aleksei Fedyarov’s narrative non-fiction book MAN IN JAIL are convicted Russian prisoners with varying degrees of ability to survive physically and morally under conditions of total deprivation of liberty, constant humiliation, hunger, slave labor and separation from relatives. The book is not a protest manifesto, but a factual report.

During a three-year sentence in a prison camp – convicted of ‘particularly serious fraud’, a fate shared with many Russian entrepreneurs – Fedyarov began filing appeals on behalf of other prisoners. Today he is not only managing partner of a law firm but a human rights activist and head of the legal department of the Rus Sidyashchi Charity Fund, the only fund that helps Russian prisoners and their families.

H.L. Oldie – Oikoumene, space opera series

new sale

Chinese language rights sold to Science Fiction World SWF

Chinese language rights have been acquired for the first trilogy «Space Symphony» of the big science fiction series OIKOUMENE by H.L. Oldie. The full space opera series consists of 4 trilogies and is one of the most decorated series in the genre:

Great Portal Award
The Best Russian Science Fiction Novel (by „Fantastic World“ magazine, 3 times)
The Best Fantastic Hero of the Year (2 times)
Great Zilant award
Gold RosCon award (2 times)
Ursa Major Great Prize
Best Fantastic Hero of the Year at the „Silver Arrow Convention“ Russia
The Best Russian SF & Fantasy Book of the Year („FantLab“)
Interpresscon award

Olga Slavnikova – The Jump

new publication

Serbian translation published by Russika

Contrary to expectations, the novel THE JUMP by living classic author Olga Slavnikova is neither empathic nor critical about the difficulty of being disabled in Russian society. Also it is neither idyllic nor tragic, it has no contradicting truth and lies, but instead illustrates the clash of many different truths meeting on the solid ground of harsh reality.

“An angry Nabokov.“ Literaturnaya Gazeta

This novel has been multi-awarded in 2018: Big Book Award shortlist, Yasnaya Polyana Award, Book of the Year (publishers at Moscow International Book Fair), National Bestseller Award shortlist

Viktor Remizov – Eternal Frost

new representation

ETERNAL FROST – A great epic novel set against the background of the construction of the “Great Stalin Railway”

80,000 prisoners of the GULAG were simultaneously working between 1947 and 1953 on the Arctic Circle in Siberia. It is one of the most tragic projects of the Stalinist machinery of repression.

Like the Enisei, this new novel by Viktor Remizov is a mighty, broad, calm river. No sudden unexpected turns, no rapids. But once you have stepped aboard Captain Belov‘s tugboat, you can no longer escape the power of its currents and undercurrents.

«Remizov’s novel contains many valuable details that cannot be invented. He collected them all, listened, spied, saw, remembered. Many historical details that cannot be found in Solzhenitsyn, Shalamov and others.» NATSBEST VERONIKA KUNGURTSEVA

“Thanks for the truth. It is the truth without a doubt. We have to remember that. That’s how it was.“ LITRES