Aleksei Ivanov – The Dog Headed sold to Voland/ Italy

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Aleksei Ivanov’s mystery thriller THE DOG HEADED has been sold to Voland/ Italy.

One remembers the extremely hot summer when the peat fields around Moscow were on fire. Even above a remote village near a former prison camp in the forest somewhere towards the Volga lies biting opaque smoke. Three Muscovites have been hired to save a rare fresco depicting St. Christopher with a dog’s head for the museum in the abandoned village church…For far too long, the three Muscovites have been thinking of everything as haunting images in the minds of the villagers, who are still socialized by the surveillance state Russia. But their enlightened intellectual view of the world breaks apart piece by piece in contact with this village community, which has degenerated from primitive primal fears to inhumanity.

Ivan Bunin – Cursed Days sold to Voland/ Italy

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Italian language rights for one of the most famous works by Ivan Bunin, his diary on the Russian Revolution, have been sold to Voland Edizioni.

Due to historical circumstances during and also after the Cold War, only recently the successors of Bunin’s relatives and rightful heirs could be traced completely and thus The Bunin Estate has now been legally reconstituted.

Wiedling Literary Agency is representing all works by Ivan Bunin worldwide with the exception of Russia and France.

Natalia Sherba – Time Wizards YA fantasy series sold to Europa/ Hungary

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Hungarian language rights for the first 3 volumes of Natalia Sherba’s young adult fantasy series TIME WIZARDS have been sold to Europa Könyvkiado/ Hungary.

„I am sure that thousands of boys and girls will follow her, breahtless with delight.“ SERGEY LUKYANENKO

„In her outstanding magical story about Vasilisa, she manages to create a completely new, fascinating and original fantasy for children.“ ALEKSEI PEKHOV

„Natalia Sherba’s energy and passion have completely transferred to the text. The rich imagination and lively immediacy of the author is a definite plus for this kind of fantasy.“ H.L. OLDIE

Grigori Kanovich – Devilspel published by Noir Press/ UK

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The English translation of Grigori Kanovich’s novel DEVILSPEL has been published by Noir Press/ UK.

The novel is set during the tragic few weeks in June-July 1941, when the German army in a sudden attack defeated the Red Army and within a few days occupied Lithuania. Kanovich limits the spatial horizon of his novel to a small isolated village deep in the Lithuanian heartland. The village is too insignificant for the Germans to maintain their presence there, and its residents are left to their own devices. Slowly and painstakingly, Kanovich investigates the spiritual depths of the characters, simple shtetl Jews and Lithuanian peasants, exposing their moral strengths and weaknesses.

As in his previous novel SHTETL ROMANCE this Lithuanian author who is writing in Russian, is exploring the fundamental and universal ethical conflict between good and evil, which transcends the limits of concrete space and time.