Aleksei Ivanov – all works in different genres

   new representation

The agency is proud and happy to welcome the famous Russian genre author Aleksei Ivanov on our list. More than a dozen novels and non-fiction books are available in Russia with a total circulation of over 1.5 million. 5 books have been filmed, 5 more are currently being filmed.

Ivanov is at home in different genres: horror thrillers, historical fiction, contemporary novels and non-fiction. But he is always interested in those times, places and events in Russian culture where a transition from one cultural system to another takes place. Plot driven, easy to read and following the rules of the genre, his writing aims at a broad audience. But even on the surface one senses, without having to consciously perceive it, the authentic saturation and great closeness to life of his novels. Because only one layer deeper Ivanov’s books are full of documentary facts, socio-historical descriptions and witty references. This way, even a more intellectual reader will get his money’s worth and on top of that a good deal of horror, suspense or historical-exotic entertainment.

Leonid Yuzefovich – «Sovereign of the Steppe» sold to Postimees/ Estonia

   new sale

This fall a new revised and enhanced version of Leonid Yuzefovich’s cult biography SOVEREIGN OF THE STEPPE. BARON ROMAN UNGERN-STERNBERG will be published in Russia. Estonian language rights to this version have already been sold now beforehand. Previous versions have been translated into French and Italian.

For a short time in 1920 this was where the converted Buddhist Baron was able to set up his own autocratic empire. His reckless endeavours were inspired by his vision of bringing Ghingis Khan’s Golden Horde back to life. In the end, however, the Bolsheviks managed to defeat his cavalier army too.

Warsaw book fair 2019

   Thomas Wiedling will be attending Warsaw book fair.

Wiedling Literary Agency is actively cooperating on Russian titles with a dozen Polish publisher at the moment. As the Polish book market is quite strong especially for Russian titles, it will be very interesting so see them presenting their programs at Warsaw book fair. And of course make new personal contacts with publishers interested in authors and books from their neighbour Russia.

I will be on spot from Thursday May 23 to Saturday May 25. See you soon in Warsaw!

Olga Gromova – Sugar Child sold to Aufbau/ Germany

     new sale

Stella Nudolskaya wrote down the story of her childhood, then left Olga Gromova to finish who turned it into a strong and tender book for young people.
German language rights have been acquired by Aufbau Verlag.

This autobiographical memory of Stalin‘s repressions and experience of surviving exile is a great lesson in humanity. A story about love, and yet about dignity and freedom. As in Roberto Benigni‘s film «Life is Beautiful», a father manages to get through the horror of Nazi concentration camps with a smile on his son‘s face, in this book a mother guides her daughter with great dignity and perspective through deportation and misery.

„A kind of miracle dance, if you will. The last of the miracles in this chain is perhaps the meeting of the already old Stella Nudolskaya with the writer Olga Gromova, who told us this amazing story.“
from the preface by LYUDMILA ULITSKAYA

Valery Bochkov – «Coronation of the Beast» sold to Insignis/ Poland

   new sale

Before Vol. 1 CHARON has been published in Poland, Insignis Publishers have acquired translation rights also for Vol. 2 CORONATION OF THE BEAST of the thriller trilogy by Valery Bochkov.

The day after the assassination of the President. The assassination is the opening move in a military coup, which leads to chaos in the streets of the capital and a struggle for power in Kremlin. A new charismatic leader emerges – he is strong and fearless and he’s in control of the nuclear launch codes.


Oleg Zobern – «Autobiography of Iesus Christ» sold to Host/ CZ

   new sale

Czech language rights to Oleg Zobern’s AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF IESUS CHRIST have been sold to Host Publishers.

„An icon of the antichrist.“
ARCHPRIEST VSEVOLOD CHAPLIN (Former adviser to the Russian Patriarch Kirill)

„If we immerse ourselves too much in the text, we may identify ourselves too much with the hero, and run the risk that whenever the real Christ knocks on the door of the soul of humanity no-one will open up because His place has already been taken by this double.“

Jan Valetov – «Best Age to Die» sold to Piper/ Germany

   new sale

German language rights for the unusually cinematic postapocalyptic novel BEST AGE TO DIE by Jan Valetov have been acquired by Piper (Bonniers).

The plot develops at a high level of suspense from the first to the last page:
A virus has escaped from a military laboratory and has quickly swept through the globalized world before the antiviral drug was available. Within a few weeks everyone over the age of 18 begins to age rapidly and dies. All adults in the world are wiped out. The inexperienced children and adolescents fight a pointless and bloody battle for brief survival. They quickly learn how to kill, but learning how to love does not seem to be worth the effort any more.