Julia Kissina – Springtime on the Moon

new representation

a childhood in Kyiv

A rebellious and visionary girl growing up in the milieu of the bourgeois Jewish intelligentsia in a high-rise building on the outskirts of Kyiv’s old town. Sad, angry, gifted with visionary language, Yulia Kissina describes her Soviet childhood against the background of the physical and ideal decay of the city of Kyiv and its inhabitants.

Zaza Burchuladze – ZOORAMA

new representation

already published by Tropen Verlag/ Germany

There is an animal in each of us, they say. But is there also a human being in each of us?

«Zoorama is like a labyrinth that you traverse breathlessly, as if it were an impossibility to stop or even turn back. Similar to Dante’s Virgil, the author’s alter ego drives us unerringly through his own personal inferno.»

Aleksei Nikitin – The Orderly for Italy

new sale

Italian translation rights sold to Rizzoli for a collection

A chapter from the novel THE ORDERLY FROM INSTITUTSKA STREET by Aleksei Nikitin will be translated into Italian and published within the collection DIMENSION KIEV by Rizzoli.

We are proud to see Nikitin’s name in a row with other famous Ukrainian authors like Taras Ševčenko, Jurij Andrukhovyč, Mikhail Bulgakov, Anna Akhmatova, Nikolaj Gogol’ or Olena Stiazhkina.

Dmitri Danilov – Man from Podolsk premiere in Greece

new play on stage

National Theatre of Greece

Dmitri Danilov’s most famous play MAN FROM PODOLSK , awarded with the «Golden Mask» (Russia’s most prestigious theatre award), will have premiere at the National Theatre of Greece on October 14 2022. An absolutely ordinary young man, an electro musician and resident of the Moscow-area city of Podolsk, finds himself in an ordinary Moscow police station. He’s being held for no apparent reason, no explanations, he committed no crime.

Aleksei Ivanov – The Hound Headed in Italy

new publication

Aleksei Ivanov’s mystery thriller THE DOG HEADED has been published by Voland/ Italy.

One remembers the extremely hot summer when the peat fields around Moscow were on fire. Even above a remote village near a former prison camp in the forest somewhere towards the Volga lies biting opaque smoke. Three Muscovites have been hired to save a rare fresco depicting St. Christopher with a dog’s head for the museum in the abandoned village church…For far too long, the three Muscovites have been thinking of everything as haunting images in the minds of the villagers, who are still socialized by the surveillance state Russia. But their enlightened intellectual view of the world breaks apart piece by piece in contact with this village community, which has degenerated from primitive primal fears to inhumanity.