Aleksei Fedyarov – Man in Jail with Czarne/Poland

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Polish language edition published by Czarne

Aleksei Fedyarov is not only a public opponent to the Putin regime with his book MAN IN JAIL, he is also a human rights activist and now head of the legal department of the «Rus Sidyashchi» Charity Fund, the only fund that helps Russian prisoners and their families. Olga Romanova, the founder of «Rus Sidyashchi», had to leave Russia for personal safety reasons.

Fedyarov has also written the frightening dystopia SFUMATO which is shrewdly realistic and almost prophetic, with the author drawing on his own knowledge and experience from today’s prison and law enforcement system in Russia.

Russian titles critical of the regime

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Russian titles critical of the regime

At all times, authors writing in Russian have critically examined the ruling Russian regime, presented, analyzed and questioned the grievances in their own society. And they have not been deterred in recent years as the risk of being targeted has increased. Real authentic literature has always kept itself away from pursuing propagandistic goals. In this respect, it is difficult for me to present a selection from the agency’s titles under the heading „regime-critical“ – as if the other authors and books represented by the agency were uncritical of the regime in the Kremlin.

But because you can’t see it at first glance, and because in unsettling times like these, well-established categories sometimes falter, this SPECIAL SELECTION would like to offer a quick initial orientation. In the end, good literature is about what’s in it, not what’s on it.