Dmitry Glukhovsky – Metro 2035

   new publication

The final volume METRO 2035 of D. Glukhovsky’s Metro series has been published in Turkish language by Panama/ Ankara together with a new print run of METRO 2033 and METRO 2034.

Glukhovsky – Metro Universe

   new sales and publications

Within the first half of 2017 the agency has concluded six more license contracts for D. Glukhovsky’s spin-off series METRO UNIVERSE for Polish language. Five of those titles have already been published by Insignis Media.

Viktor Martinovich

   new representation

The agency proudly announces the wordlwide representation of all works by one of the most famous contemporary Belarusian authors: VIKTOR MARTINOVICH.

From his provocative debut novel PARANOIA – banned from book stores in Belarus – to his mindcrashing Dystopia MOVA up to his recently finished new novel REVOLUTION, Martinovich is – by all means of literature – exploring and analysing human behaviour and conditio humana under autocratic conditions.

»No political novel could be more up-to-date or oppressive.« Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Most of his novels are published parallel in Belarusian and Russian languages.
Enjoy reading the English edition of Paranoia published by Northwestern University Press.