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God’s Plan. Interpretation of the Truth.

With this new title Wiedling Literary Agency is broadening its range of BODY, MIND & SPIRIT towards the topic of world religions. Aleksandr Fuflygin is another representative of those Russian thinkers whose creativity as free spirits is fed precisely by the fact that they remain rooted in their own tradition.

The task that the author has set himself in his book GOD’S PLAN is a bold one: to provide a reading with which all the mysteries of the Bible can be solved in a comprehensible way. Moreover, his attempt to prove that the Bible formulates a consistent plan of God should not contradict the latest scientific findings. There are no ‘blank spots’ in his interpretation of the Bible.

Fuflygin’s description of one single great plan of God, which in the end even seems to coincide with the wisdom of Buddhism, contributes to a reconciliation of the world religions as well as to a reconciliation of faith and science.