new representation

fantasy series based on Egyptian mythology

The Empire’s capital is struck by the news of Heir Prince Khefer’s sudden death. And once again the heavy footsteps of Father of War echo at Taur-Duat’s borders. And Emperor Sekenef must choose a new heir between his two children remaining in the LAND OF THE LIVING. But who can accept an unbearable burden of power from his weakening hands? Would it be young warlike prince Renef, eager and willing to avenge his brother’s death, or princess Aniret whose wisdom belies her years?

The setting of Anna Nikitina’s series in 3 volumes reflects an Ancient Egyptian concept of a non-direct, only partial personification of the deities, who are quite real and influence the lives and decisions of the characters, but not through direct interference – rather through the signs, mystical phenomena, and through the actions of the mortals.

Anna Nikitina was born in Moscow and later on moved to New York. She graduated from St. John’s University and holds a an MBA in Public Accounting.

English sample available (50 pages).