new representation

a best-of-selection from the finest Russian horror

A selection from the entire «THE MOST SCARY BOOK» series which has been developed by M.S. Parfenov, the „godfather“ of Russian horror. «The Most Scary Book» is the face of Russian horror today. A number of books from the series have won literary awards. Individual works by these and other authors have been filmed, the film rights have been sold by others. Authors and publishers hold their own annual convention.

«Here, at last, is a collection of new voices, telling stories of horrors unleashed by monsters we have never encountered before. It is a long time since i felt authors inviting me to wallow in their perversities as these writers do. Who could resist? The forbidden beckons to is from terra incognita. Let us meet where the river runs red and the fish have human faces.» CLIVE BARKER