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Anti-War Poems edited by Julia Nemirovskaya

Putin’s war in Ukraine has been met by outrage and disbelief around the world. Since the start of the war, writers in Russia, Ukraine and the Russian diaspora have been expressing their opposition to the invasion. An international group of poets and translators have been collecting these poems as the Kopilka project.

DISBELIEF presents 100 of the most moving and hard-hitting of these poems by poets including Polina Barskova, Vladimir Druk, Tatiana Voltskaya, Mikhail Aizenberg and Tatiana Shcherbina. The collection has been edited by Julia Nemirovskaya.

“Captures the initial shock of the invasion, and the rage, shame, lament and prayer.“ TLS

“An astonishing book… a Noah’s Ark of an enterprise… These poems needed to be written, and they need to be read too.“ EAST-WEST REVIEW