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Serbian translation rights sold to Utopia

Dmitri Danilov’s novel HORIZONTAL POSITION was written before Covid crisis catapulted us out of our old routines. Are we hoping and ready to return to them? To answer this question this novel is a very good guide to travel back in time.

We experience precisely one year, going from chapter to chapter – breathless, bored, bothered, relaxed, irritated, amused – and every evening falling exhausted into bed, together with the hero. For a brief moment of sleep in the horizontal position only to then be roused again straightaway, knowing what the daily routine will bring and yet continually full of expectations for the new day.

“Buster Keaton humour with a deadpan expression.“ EX LIBRIS

“Danilov is something of a new Oblomov.“ SERGEI SHARGUNOV

“I would go as far as to say that this book belongs next to Ignatius von Loyola and less alongside Robbe- Grillet and Nathalie Sarraut.“ RADIO LIBERTY