new representation

a hyperrealistic political Moscow thriller

Suddenly, new graffiti appears in Moscow week after week with a clock-face in the corner, the painted hand creeping towards 12. The grotesque works of an anonymous graffiti artist each represent a different member of the new bureaucratic nomenklatura – each of whom dies shortly afterwards. This is the visible scene of Moscow in Dmitri Zakharov’s novel MOSCOW BANKSY (MIDDLE EDDA). At the same time, there is a political intrigue going on behind the scenes: the dismissal of the government, the long-prepared installation of a puppet candidate as deputy spokesman, who formally becomes the second man in the state. And the first, if something will happen to the president.

„A political crime thriller, an art anti-utopia, a Russian Dogville, a saga about the battle of the gods … But above all a vigilant and relentless diagnosis of the generation of the Russian 2000s, painful and on time.“ ALEKSANDR GAVRILOV