new representation

Famous for his plays, award winning with his novels – we are proud to be the new literary agency for Evgeni Grishkovets‚ works in prose.

Previous novels like «The Shirt» or «The Rivers» have been translated into more than 10 languages. Wiedling Literary Agency is continuing to sell more language rights for the older novels. But the actual focus is on his novel «A…a» where an excellent English sample by Nina Bouis is available.

Written before Trump was elected president, Grishkovets shows us with his humorous, ironic, cheeky tribute to cultural kinship just what is now really at stake. Currently Russia and the USA are once again at odds with each other and yet they are so similar – both had great dreams and are now well on their way to destroying them and also the world as we know it. Grishkovets finishes the novel with the words: „Should I ever, or better, when I travel to the real America and should it attempt to destroy mine, then I will fight and defend mine.“

“There only are two kinds of readers: those who like Grishkovets, and those who have not read him yet.” ECHO MOSKVY