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NEW AUTHORS for Frankfurt Book Fair at a glance:

 Pavel BasinskiLOOK AT ME

„Basinski has written a documentary-thriller about the first Russian feminist.“


Incompetent, vulnerable, cheeky, paranoid, yearning, shy, but also brilliant at self-presentation, and then, embarrassingly open

„Life on the edge, where it hurts and makes one angry. The important things in life that really matter to us.“

 Evgeni GrishkovetsA…a

“There only are two kinds of readers: those who like Grishkovets, and those who have not read him yet.” ECHO MOSKVY

   Viktor RemizovFREE AND WILD

„This first novel by Viktor Remizov crackles with suspense fit for a movie, complemented by solid characters, spectacular descriptions of nature and perceptive observations on the state of modern Russia.“ WDR

 Natalia SherbaTIME WIZARDS 

(young adult 13+ fantasy) Over 2 Mio hardcover sold in Russia alone, movie option sold
Sherba creates a completely new world, invents its mechanis and gets away from all the clichés and stereotypes. The world of TIME WIZARDS is full of creatures, magic castles, spells… Apart from a breathtaking plot line, her books bear a very specific moral charge for a younger audience.

   Jan ValetovBEST AGE TO DIE

(new adult 17+ postapocalypsis)
They quickly learn how to kill, but learning how to love does not seem to be worth the effort anymore.
The unusually cinematic and graphic descriptions of locations and events, but also of atrocities and violence keep the level of suspense high. No wonder the movie option has been sold.


„After a while the reader begins to feel that it is not Zobern, but this Iesus himself who is laughing at our stupidity, our stiffness, our stringency, our superstitions, our cowardice and above all our wish to crucify him again and again.“ JURY NATIONAL BESTSELLER AWARD

„A historic novel, much better than Dan Brown.“ SERGEI NIKOLAEVICH (Editor in chief of the magazine SNOB)