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UK political expert about Germany’s Russia Problem

John Lough is an Associate Fellow of the Russia & Eurasia Programme at Chatham House (since 2009) and a regular commentator on Russian and Ukrainian affairs. He spent six years with NATO managing information programmes aimed at Central and Eastern Europe, including a posting to Moscow, where he set up NATO’s Information Office in Russia and was the first Alliance official to be permanently based in the country.

In this bold and original analysis, John Lough explains the scale of the challenge facing Germany as it strives to design policies for managing its relations with a changing Russia. GERMANY’S RUSSIA PROBLEM looks at the role of German business interests and Germany’s vulne- rability to Russian interference, including misinformation and cyber attacks. It concludes by considering how Germany can strengthen its position against Russian influence in the future.

”I have found John Lough‘s Germany‘s Russia Problem an ideal book as we contemplate the source of energy we will draw on for heat and light in the decades ahead.” TLS

”The title of John Lough‘s book itself makes clear that this is not another academic sand box exercise. He wants to make things better.” DIE WELT

”John Lough has written a stimulating book rich in knowledge.” FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE