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Estonian translation rights sold to Eesti Raamat

Julia Kissina is a renowned Ukrainian writer and artist living in Berlin and New York City. Her novel SPRINGTIME ON THE MOON is both a memoir of Kyiv and a coming-of-age story. A rebellious and visionary girl grows up in the milieu of the bourgeois Jewish intelligentsia in a high-rise building on the outskirts of Kyiv‘s old town.

“In addition to the surrealism of morbid images, it is the precise, often mercilessly mocking … language that makes “Spring on the Moon” an event… With Julia Kissina‘s novel, Kyiv has become a place that from now on has its place on the mytho-poetic map of Eastern Europe.“

“Springtime on the Moon» is often studiedly amusing, but the attempt to take more than light fiction from her own memories lends Kissina’s book a Nabokovian dimension… As funny as Kaminer and as serious as Nabokov.“