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Hungarian rights sold to Gondolat

April 22nd 2020 is the 150th birthday of Vladimir Iliich Lenin. All available recent Lenin biographies either consider Lenin to be the greatest evildoer of the 20th century or they are more sympathetic to his utopia, even if the real existing communism has failed.

Lev Danilkin’s Lenin biography is radically different. This is already evidenced by the fact that this non-fiction book was not only named „Book of the Year 2017“, but was also awarded Russia’s most important literary prize, the „Big Book Award“. Danilkin, for decades Russia’s most advanced literary critic, is both an unconventional intellectual and a gifted narrator. He has already demonstrated this in his monograph on Yuri Gagarin.

2024 is the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s death. Rights sold so far: French, Hungarian, Serbian, Spanish.

«This book is not about bringing Lenin back to the Russian Pantheon or making him the idol of youth. The aim is to infect the reader with his own passion … This book is an injection of sound reason, justice and healthy anger.» DMITRY BYKOV