new representation

Under the pen name Maria Dolon*, this female collective of authors succeeds in creating modern, authentic main heroine Inga Belova: thoroughly honest and soberly analytical, cheeky, thoughtful and reliable, willing to take risks to the brink of illegality, insistent to the point of stubbornness. As the single mother of a pubescent daughter, we also experience her from her vulnerable, self-doubting side. As a divorced single woman, she attracts the attention of men not only because of her research.

So far the series has 3 volumes each with a very up-to-date topic: international art trade in connection with robbery and counterfeiting; demolition of entire residential quarters in Moscow in connection with land speculation; influence of social networks on the psyche.

The main plots in all cases take place in today‘s Moscow. Its streets, squares, quarters and backyards, described in detail, provide the recognizable crime scenes for the series.

(*Nelli Abdullina, Natalya Zvezdkina, Tatyana Lebedeva, Natalya Poroshina, Elena Rykova)