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Postcrossing. The book about all secrets (non-fiction)

The world‘s first postcrossing book!

After opening her own postcard shop in Moscow, after starting a blog and a podcast, Masha Mokeeva has now written an easy to read book with inspirational stories about the favorite hobby, walks into the postal past, practical advice and conversations with experts about the POSTCROSSING phenomen. The Postcrossing project was created in 2005 to connect people across the world through postcards, independently of their country, age, gender, race or beliefs. There are 800.000 members in over 200 countries, and over 57 MIO postcards sent until today.

Listen to Masha Mokeeva talking about her book in a very short youtube clip (switch on English subtitles)

Listen to a 30 minutes interview with Masha Mokeeva in English by US journalist Frank Roche.