new representation

a manual for start-up revolutionaries

Isn’t this one of the most pressing questions of our times? How can a totalitarian regime be put to an end? By whom? From the inside or from the outside? After that, who would come to power? And what would that power look like? And what should that power look like?

Far from any know-it-all attitude, Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s book HOW TO SLAY A DRAGON poses questions, uncomfortable questions that have been avoided in the West up to now, such as non-violence/ violence against a totalitarian ruler acting aggressively both internally and externally. Using the example of Russia Khodorkovsky derives the resulting options for action. The book does not want to provide recipes but to initiate a discussion overdue.

In its pamphlet-like gesture, the text is very reminiscent of Stéphane Hessel‘s „Time for Outrage!“ and is therefore available in a special short version with 65 pages.

Both short and unabridged version fully available in English for proof reading.