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brother of Alexei Navalny about Russian prison

In December 2014, the Navalny brothers, Oleg and Alexei, were convicted in Russia. Alexei got 3 years of probation, while Oleg Navalny was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Although the European court of human rights ruled that the convictions were arbitrary and unfair, Oleg served the entire term, 1278 days.

His book 3 ½ WITH PRISONER’S RESPECT AND FRATERNAL WARMTH, mostly written in prison, gives an account of everything that happened to him during that time. You will find out what is the difference between the red and the black zone, what prison sheets and towels are for, where to hide a sim card during a search and more. And this book is about remaining resilient even in the most outrageous, horrible and bizarre circumstances.

“All stories about prison are to a certain extent similar to each other, like road movies. Therefore, what is important, who talks about the prison and how. Navalny’s book is a book about how not to get lost even in the most wild, terrible and ridiculous circumstances.“AFISHA