new representation

The AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF IESUS CHRIST in the guise of a fictional novel. The language is simple and clear, the depiction nothing but scandalous, the message far more than provocative.
Having received the NOS Award in 2017, Oleg Zobern’s new novel has already been nominated for the National Bestseller Award 2018.

«If we immerse ourselves too much in the text, we may identify ourselves too much with the hero, and run the risk that whenever the real Christ knocks on the door of the soul of humanity no-one will open up because His place has already been taken by this double.»

«Of all the „alternative“ interpretations of the life of Christ, this novel, in my opinion, comes second only to Bulgakov’s „Master and Margerita“, which is, however, much more fragmentary… The Iesus in Zobern’s „Autobiography“ is an icon of the antichrist.»
ARCHPRIEST VSEVOLOD CHAPLIN (Former adviser to the Russian Patriarch Kirill)

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