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Stella Nudolskaya wrote down the story of her childhood, then left Olga Gromova to finish who turned it into a strong and tender book for young people.
German language rights have been acquired by Aufbau Verlag.

This autobiographical memory of Stalin‘s repressions and experience of surviving exile is a great lesson in humanity. A story about love, and yet about dignity and freedom. As in Roberto Benigni‘s film «Life is Beautiful», a father manages to get through the horror of Nazi concentration camps with a smile on his son‘s face, in this book a mother guides her daughter with great dignity and perspective through deportation and misery.

„A kind of miracle dance, if you will. The last of the miracles in this chain is perhaps the meeting of the already old Stella Nudolskaya with the writer Olga Gromova, who told us this amazing story.“
from the preface by LYUDMILA ULITSKAYA