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Ukraine family saga about three generations in Donbass

Pavel Belyanski was born in 1977 in a family of military servants in the village of Shakhta No. 9, Lugansk region. Under the pen name „Pashtet“ he actively wrote in samizdat and became the winner of various competitions. Right now he is defending his country as a volunteer soldier for Ukraine. Belyanski is married and has two children.

His novel GRANDMA DID NOT LOVE TO DIE is a cruel, beautiful, openly funny and truthfully sad family saga over three generations. All their lives they strive for personal happiness in their home, but there has never been real love. Each chapter here is a work of its own, a piece of life, an ironic, sad and powerful story. Nestled together, they weave into a magnificent canvas of the story of the residents of a mining village in Eastern Ukraine.

When grandma is on her deathbed once again, her husband Petro admits that he never loved her. Whereupon she jumps up alive and leaves the house angrily… Grandmother Anya always says: Don‘t worry, I‘m not going to die, God doesn‘t want me. She feels sinful because she has denied her firstborn all her life. In the end she dies without seeing him again.