new representation

The Agency proudly announces the representation of a new author: SERGEI LOIKO with his outstanding thriller THE FLIGHT, inspired by true events, extensive research and war reporting of the former prize-winning Moscow Los Angeles Times correspondent.

Sergei Alyokhin, a former corrupt Russian cop hiding under a false identity in L.A., believes that he has covered his track sufficiently and invites his wife and daughters, living under false identities in London, to join him for the desired and long awaited family reunion at a luxurious island resort in Thailand. Their flight London-Bangkok perishes with 298 people on board over eastern Ukraine. Alyokhin wants to find the culprits and take his personal revenge not only on the perpetrators but also on those who ordered the heinous crime.

Born in Moscow in 1953 Loiko had been the Moscow correspondent and photographer for the Los Angeles Times for the past twenty-five years, specializing in wars and armed conflicts. Loiko covered the Ukrainian revolution and the subsequent war virtually nonstop from the first day until 2015.

He was awarded one of the highest prizes in American journalism, the Overseas Press Club’s Bob Considine Award, “for its guts, credibility, originality, depth and sophistication of interpretation, and its engaging writing style”, and also the prestigious Los Angeles Times editorial award.

The rights of his previous documentary novel AIRPORT had been sold to 9 countries.