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announcement of a new book being written

We are happy to announce a new book being written by Sergii Rudenko, the author of „Zelenskyi without make-up“. Manuscript of ANATOMY OF HATE. PUTIN AND UKRAINE will be finished by January 2024.

Russia‘s war against Ukraine is the most important event in the life of President Vladimir Putin. He staked everything on this war: the future of Russia, his political career, his well- being and even his life. He has already dedicated his entire presidency to trying to conquer Ukraine. For him, the “Ukrainian question” became, without exaggeration, a matter of life and death. Why?

Putin‘s hatred of Ukraine rests on a good foundation – the Ukrainophobia that has prevailed in Russia for centuries. Telling us even more about the history of this decision-making, which is also rooted in Putin‘s personal relationship with Ukraine, this book is an almost exclusive look behind the scenes of this relationship.