new sale

German translation rights for Zaza Burchuladze’s novel THE INFLATABLE ANGEL have been sold to Aufbau/Blumenbar.

At exactly the same time as the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano filled Europe’s skies with ash causing airlines to cancel flights, Niko and his wife Nino are holding a spiritualist session in a small apartment in Tiflis. Their aim is to call up the spirit of George Gurdjieff who was a famous esoteric, writer, choreographer and composer in the early 20th century of importance not only for Georgia. Indeed, Gurdjieff appears in flesh and blood and fantastic occurrences start taking place.

Forced into exile and now living in Berlin, Burchuladze will be one of the stars at next Frankfurt Book Fair 2018 with Georgia as guest of honor, presenting his third book in German.