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1 fiction novel and 2 nonfiction titles sold to Neo-Cogito/ China

FICTION by Aleksei Ivanov
THE GEOGRAPHER DRANK THE GLOBE – In the Russian province of the 90s a young teacher fights with the children of the new generation. He has been assigned to the most rebellious class. The „geography teacher“ and the teenagers, who are ready to break him, first sit in the walls of the classroom, but then outside the walls they together experience an adventure of comradeship and initiation.

„Geographer“ pumps new blood into the channels of emotional perception through literature and lets many readers again – lite- rally as the first time – feel very simple and familiar things: winter, love, wind, trust, lone- liness, the smell of cigarette smoke, the taste of vodka, the headache of a hangover.“ GALINA YUZEFOVICH

NONFICTION by Aleksei Ivanov
1) THE MINING CIVILIZATION – The economic potential of mining equipment gave rise to a new and unprecedented cultu- ral phenomenon, dubbed by 20th-century sociologists as the „mining civilization.“ This is a variant of the Russian world, but with a special value system, with a special mythology, with special culture heroes. And the identity of Russian mining and metallurgy, which is also the identity of the Urals, turned out to be the benchmark for its industrialization.

2) RIDGE OF RUSSIA – Russians have settled in the Urals for half a millennium, but also the Urals the Urals have been fitting the immigrants for five centuries. Thus arose in the Urals quite an amazing world, unlike the Russian one, with a complex set of local ideas about nature and man. In everyday life it is difficult to understand how the Urals differ from Russia ¬ and yet remain Russia. In any case, the fact is that the world of the Urals is not an alternative to the Russian world, but one of its versions.