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Latvian translation rights sold to Prometejs

Viktor Martinovich’s mind crushing novel about Minsk in the year 2044, when it became a provincial town in the north-west of the United States of China and Russia. Family and love are considered to be out-dated concepts, spiritual needs are fulfilled by consuming and advertising. Despite draconian punishments a particular drug somehow and repeatedly manages to get into the country: MOVA. Anyone who reads the mova note, hardly understands a word, but experiences a wonderfully euphoric high. Chinese triads, Belarusian underground insurgents and the national narcotics control office are tangled up in a drug war. Or is there more to it than meets the eye?

«MOVA is funny. MOVA is sad. MOVA is full of surprises. It is bizarre, it is a thriller, a nightmare – and intoxicating. A powerfully un-cut drug in the form of a book, a fix of which can only be heartily recommended.»
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