new representation

The agency is proud and happy to welcome the famous Russian genre author Aleksei Ivanov on our list. More than a dozen novels and non-fiction books are available in Russia with a total circulation of over 1.5 million. 5 books have been filmed, 5 more are currently being filmed.

Ivanov is at home in different genres: horror thrillers, historical fiction, contemporary novels and non-fiction. But he is always interested in those times, places and events in Russian culture where a transition from one cultural system to another takes place. Plot driven, easy to read and following the rules of the genre, his writing aims at a broad audience. But even on the surface one senses, without having to consciously perceive it, the authentic saturation and great closeness to life of his novels. Because only one layer deeper Ivanov’s books are full of documentary facts, socio-historical descriptions and witty references. This way, even a more intellectual reader will get his money’s worth and on top of that a good deal of horror, suspense or historical-exotic entertainment.