Lev Danilkin – Lenin

Lev Danilkin’s LENIN is quite different and more than just another biography. Lev Danilkin, one of Russia‘s most advanced literary critics, is exploring Lenin as a phenomenon. He composed the book in an unorthodox and original way – geographically, taking the reader on a discovery route to the places of Lenin’s active work.

This book is an injection of sound reason, justice and healthy anger.  Dmitri Bykov
No trace of dust and patina.  Galina Yuzefovich

2020 is 150th anniversary of Lenin’s birthday
2024 is 100th anniversary of Lenin’s death


Maria Dolon – Black Shelf

Under the pen name Maria Dolon, this female collective of authors succeeds in creating modern, authentic main heroine Inga Belova: thoroughly honest and soberly analytical, cheeky, thoughtful and reliable, willing to take risks to the brink of illegality, insistent to the point of stubbornness.

So far the series has 3 volumes each with a very up-to-date topic: international art trade in connection with robbery and counterfeiting; demolition of entire residential quarters in Moscow in connection with land speculation; influence of social networks on the psyche.

The main plots in all cases take place in today‘s Moscow. Its streets, squares, quarters and backyards, described in detail, provide the recognizable crime scenes for the series.


   Olga Gromova – Sugar Child

The true story of mother and daughter about what is it like to be a „public enemy“ from one day to the next, to be exposed to Stalin‘s repressions – the Great Terror.

Sugar Child is the documentary fact of a miracle – the education of a human personality under inhuman conditions.  Sergei Lebedev


   Natalia Sherba – Time Wizards

Sherba creates a completely new world, invents its mechanis and gets away from all the clichés and stereotypes. The world of TIME WIZARDS is full of creatures, magic castles, spells…

Her most famous series with over 2 Mio hardcover sold in Russia alone and the movie option sold.

I am sure that thousands of boys and girls will follow her, breahtless with delight. SERGEI LUKYANENKO


   Olga Beshlei – My weird lover from the FSB

Incompetent, vulnerable, cheeky, paranoid, yearning, shy, and then, embarrassingly open.

Everyone in the FSB will read it and roll over laughing.  ALEKSANDR LYCHAGIN


   Evgeni Grishkovets – A…a

Grishkovets shows us with his humorous, ironic, cheeky tribute to cultural kinship just what is now really at stake. Currently Russia and the USA are once again at odds with each other and yet they are so similar – both had great dreams and are now well on their way to destroying them and also the world as we know it.